The Diabetic Charcot Foot

The Diabetic Charcot Foot

The Diabetic Charcot foot is commonly unrecognized. Especially in the beginning as it is forming, only a thorough examination of the foot along with radiographs can help in recognizing it. Many times it is recognized after severe foot complications occur.particularly in the acute phase, until severe complications occur. Early diagnosis & recognition, immediate immobilization and lifelong customized footwear can prevent further damage and amputation.

The acute Charcot foot is usually painless and may appear to be cellulitis. Immobilization of the foot at the earliest after detection is the most essential part of Diabetic Charcot Foot management.

Tha charcot foot causes disruption of the bony structure of the foot, resulting in foot deformities, rocker bottom feet and ulcers. These ulcers can lead to infection and in worst case scenarios to amputation. 25% of patients have bilateral charcot foot.

The acute charcot foot can resemble an infection, but usually pain and tenderness are absent. Even if pain is there it is much less severe than the clinical picture would suggest. One differentiating factor is that the blood sugars may be either normal or only marginally raised.

Immediate immobilization and protection of the foot in an off loading device is required for any Charcot foot.

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