Surgical Wound Dehiscence


 It is a complication where the wound edges no longer meet. Being commonest after Abdominal Surgery, when it was also known as a ‘Burst Abdomen’ . General Surgeons and Gynaecologists, who were maximally involved in such open surgeries, had the highest number of such complications. However with the advent of less invasive techniques like laproscopy etc, such wounds are no longer so common.

A healthy, healing wound should have edges that meet closely together and are held together by sutures or any other method of closure. As an incision heals, the wound fills in with new tissue, called “granulation” or “granulating tissue.” This new tissue is not as strong as normal skin and takes time to strengthen.

Dehiscence is caused by many factors, with important ones being :

  • Any Chronic Illness : Like diabetes / chronic kidney disease / tissue disorders etc.
  • Malnourishment : Lack of proteins / various vitamins etc.
  • Surgical Site Infection
  • Obesity

Any sudden increase in Intra Abdominal pressure after a Surgery, like 

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Constipation
  • Lifting a Heavy Object
  • etc.

may cause an Abdominal Incision to open up.

Incisional Dehiscence Wound Care Hyderabad
Incisional Dehiscence


Of course management of the wound in an acute manner is needed and would be done by your surgeon. However when such wounds become chronic , that is the time when Professional help must be asked for. Various Modalities like Negative Pressure Wound Therapy etc are useful in the treatment of such wounds.