Very often I am asked the question,

Doctor, my patients blood sugars are very high and not coming under control ( the patient may be at home or admitted in some other centre).

Similarly the question may come about a High Serum Creatinine.

The thing to understand is that in case there is an infection, in a diabetic unless the infection is controlled, the High Sugars & High Creatinine is not going to come under control. It is extremely important that the infection be treated and this may require surgical intervention in many cases, so as to remove the focus of the infection.

High Blood Sugars even without fever may be a sign of infection somewhere in the body…the foot is commonly missed during examinations.

High Serum Creatinine especially of recent/acute onset may also be a sign of infection somewhere in the body. Such patients, especially if they are still putting out urine may not require dialysis. Only in cases where urine production by the body decreases or stops , do we recommend Dialysis. This however may not hold true in all cases and especially in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.