PROTOCOLS FOR Diabetic Foot Clinics

What are dedicated diabetic foot clinics supposed to do :

  1. Check that your feet are in good condition
  2. Detect problems early
  3. Understand how to treat wounds and prevent future complications in the foot
  4. Understand that the high sugars may be due to diabetic foot infections
  5. Have a doctor trained in Diabetic foot care, Podiatry, Vascular surgery
  6. Have individualised protocols for each patient
  7. Have separate sterilized dressing boxes for each wound. Even if patient has a wound on both legs, the dressing boxes must be separate
  8. Follow universal precautions
  9. Have the services of an Intensivist, Diabetologist and an anesthetist trained in diabetic foot surgeries
  10. Give customized shoes to prevent further/future problems.

The Save Legs Diabetic Foot Clinic Hyderabad India follows all these protocols and strives to give the best possible treatment to all patients with diabetic foot problems, chronic wounds etc.