Panel Discussions

The Epidemic Diseases Amendment Ordinance 2020 is one of the steps taken by the Government of India in response to the demands of health care professionals towards stricter laws for violence against health care workers. The panelists were Dr Lalit Kapoor(Mumbai) well known medicolegal expert, Dr Rajiv Nanda(Delhi) – Advocate & Standing Counsel Supreme Court of India, Dr Anvesh – President Telangana Doctors Federation, Dr Vijayendra – Convenor Telangana Doctors Federation, Dr Amarinder Singh- Ex President of the AIIMS Resident Doctors Association. It was moderated by Dr Jayesh Kakar(Hyderabad)- surgeon with special interest in the diabetic foot & wounds. He is also the state co-ordinator of India Against Corruption Volunteers Association. The panelists discussed the various pros and cons of the ordinance with input from various participants who also put forward their views. The panelists stressed that the police and administration is duty bound to take action against any person who either harasses a health care worker or physically harms him or threatens to harm him/her. So the health care workers must be vigilant and insist upon action to be taken in cases of any complaint under this ordinance. Also if the police does not take appropriate action, then due recourse to law can be taken to ensure that appropriate action is taken by them