15% of diabetics experience serious


Foot problems from diabetics cause more economic loss and morbidity than heart diseases
A significant number of these diabetics are middle aged and are the sole breadwinners for the family.
40% of all diabetic admissions to hospitals are from foot problems.

Diabetic Foot Infection
How Foot Infection occurs in Diabetics

Categories of Diabetic Foot Infection

Non Limb Threatening Infections : Those infections which can be treated on out patient basis

Diabetic Foot Infection
Toe Diabetic Foot Infection which is treatable on outpatient basis

Limb Threatening Infections : Severe foot infections may frequently present with only high blood sugars and no systemic signs like fever,  etc. The Savelegs Clinic has ample experience in saving such toes and feet.

Diabetic Foot Infection
If left unattended, such an infection could lead to loss of the toe or foot

Life Threatening Infections Such infections destabilize the patient. Such patients may need intensive care. The Savelegs Clinic regularly treats such kind of patients with massive leg or foot infections and believes in saving lives and limbs. Our multidisciplinary team is well equipped to cater to such kind of infections including those with antibiotic resistance.

Diabetic Foot Infection with Heart Disease
Patient is a smoker with blockage of leg blood vessels
Diabetic Foot Gangrene
Diabetic FootGangrene with less blood supply to foot. 

Necrotising Fasciitis

Diabetic Foot Ulcerations