Pressure sores can trigger other ailments, cause patients considerable suffering, and be expensive to treat.

▪▪▪CELLULITIS. This acute infection of your skin’s connective tissue causes pain, redness and swelling, all of which can be severe. Cellulitis can also lead to life-threatening complications, including sepsis and meningitis — an infection of the membrane and fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord. Cellulitis This is a picture of incipient bedsore with cellulitis.

  Bone and joint infections. These develop when the infection from a bedsore burrows deep into your joints and bones. Joint infections (septic or infectious arthritis) can damage cartilage and tissue, whereas bone infections (osteomyelitis) may reduce the function of your joints and limbs. 

▪▪▪Sepsis. One of the greatest dangers of an advanced pressure sore, sepsis occurs when bacteria enters your bloodstream through the broken skin and spreads throughout your body — a rapidly progressing, life-threatening condition that can cause shock and organ failure. 

▪▪▪Cancer. Marjolin’s Ulcer.A rare skin cancer, more common in scar tissue .