DOMICILIARY(HOME) CARE- Care for Bedridden/Elderly Patients


The clinic also offers home based treatment for elderly or bedridden patients with long standing wounds like BED SORES, DIABETIC FOOT ULCERS , LEG ULCERS , HEEL WOUNDS etc.

If you know a person who is suffering from non healing wounds especially of the back or heel and s/he is also bedridden or unable to move, then we can guide you on how to look after such a patient and also guide you on long term treatment for the same. Home based treatment along with wound care is also offered for such patients.

Initial assessment is done by Dr Jayesh Kakar at the hospital and then regular followup is done by a trained wound care nurse with regular inputs from Dr Kakar as to management of the wound. Alternatively if you are unable to bring the patient for initial assessment then you may take a consultation to show pictures of the wound and give the detailed history and show relevant medical records of the patient to improve management of the patient.

In case such a facility is required, we request you to either send an email to Savelegsclinic@Gmail.Com  or an SMS to +918801109826. The clinic shall get back to you at the earliest.