Cosmetic Foot Surgery


I cannot think clearly when my feet hurt”

People often have foot pain and believe there is nothing they can do about it. Your foot is a network of 26 bones, 29 joints, and many muscles. On average, you take several thousand steps every day. When functioning properly, your feet handle all of the demands you place upon them without discomfort. When discomfort occurs, rapid treatment usually results in complete healing and a return to full function. Each step and every sport in which you participate places great pressure on the foot and ankle. It is no wonder most people experience foot and ankle problems during their lifetime.

Common & Easily Treatable Conditions which may cause foot pain:

Some of these conditions are due to inappropriate footwear and treatment involves changing to the correct footwear under guidance to prevent future recurrence.

Digital Disorders and Treatments

Corns, Calluses and Pain May Indicate Joint Problems. Many disorders can affect the joints of the toes, causing pain and preventing the foot from functioning as it should. People of all ages can have toe problems

When the natural function of the foot is disrupted (through a variety of causes), the tendons may stretch or tighten to compensate. Thus, people with abnormally long toes, flat feet or high arches have a greater tendency to develop toe deformities

The most common digital deformities are hammertoes, claw toes, mallet toes, bone spurs, overlapping and underlapping toes, and curled toes.

These deformities may or may not be painful. Corns and calluses – a buildup of skin on the affected joint, often associated with bursitis (inflammation of small pouches, called bursae, which lie above the joint between the tendon and skin) – are perhaps the most noticeable and bothersome symptoms. If deformities are left untreated, the toe’s mobility may become limited, and more serious problems, such as skin ulceration and infection, may develop.